Monday, 22 December 2014

December thrift/dollar store goodies roundup (post 3/3)

Mommy got me this adorbs shoe holder.  Each drawer holds between 2 and 3 pairs of shoes (probably only one pair of boots) and is covered in blackboard paint for ease of labelling.  I have 2 of them, but only one is shown.
(dollar store find - 3 dollars)

And last, these 2 little metal buckets
(50 cents each at a local thrift store)

More thrift store finds for December 2014

So here I am again, Isabelle, showing you all the pretty kitchen items Mommy found for me.

First, this soap dish is just the right size to be a serving platter for me:
and a pretty vase to hold flowers 
A "wish" teacup and saucer
A pitcher for juice or water
A stein 
a little bowl
Two little metal things that will make really cute pots and pans with some minor tweaking

There is also this darling little ceramic container that will look so pretty on my dressing table!

Mommy's finds for me for December 2014

Isabelle here...

Here I am modelling one of the three new purses Mommy got for me!
It came in 3 different colours and Mommy knows that a girl has gotta have wardrobe options so she got me all of them:
(these started off life as gift card holders at the dollar store - a buck each!)

And since it may get cold this winter, she got me a hot water bottle just my size to cuddle with
(hand warmer from the dollar store! "hot water bottle" and cover for a buck)

Next, some books.
(books photographed with a dime for comparison sake; none was more than 50 cents at thrift stores)

Mommy says that we are running long on this post so there will be a part 2 with all the goodies she found for my kitchen and some furniture!

Friday, 12 December 2014

Welcome home Isabelle!

Isabelle finally made her way  home to me on Wednesday, December 10.  Yesterday, my Black Friday order from Springfield Dolls arrived and she is starting to accumulate quite the wardrobe :)  Need to get my sewing machine unpacked and I can start making her even more clothes...

(and so it life as a member of the Cult of the Tiny & Cute)

Friday, 28 November 2014

Introducing me

After fighting the urge for years, I have finally succumbed and bought an American Girl doll.  I ordered Isabelle yesterday and I cannot wait for her to get here!!  I plan on making a lot of her clothes myself, although I did splurge and buy a cute outfit for her today at Walmart (the My Life As brand) she has a tutu and ballet slippers waiting for her when she finally makes her way home to me :)  I have a few sewing patterns too, now to get the sewing machine up and running! Eventually I want to build a dollhouse for her and furnish it.  I so can't wait for her to get here!