Monday, 13 April 2015

Leonie here, sneaking on the computer while Mom is asleep and Beau is practising ballet. I learned a new chord on my guitar and school is going well. Beau and I have formed a band together and we practise almost every day.


Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Review of Popstar Playset by My Life As

Leonie is (grudgingly) wearing the headband that came with the set and called first dibs on the guitar; otherwise the rest of her outfit is Maplelea. Beau is wearing the outfit (and boots) that came with the set and wielding the microphone.

Guitar review: A-. Guitar plays sound when button is pushed. ONLY quibble I have with the guitar is that the strap is not long enough to pose it properly with the dolls. Should be easy enough to swap it out for a longer ribbon (or a shoelace) for more realistic posing.

Outfit review: Cute, fits very nicely on Beau without being too tight in the torso (unlike some other My Life As outfits). Boots are very very cute (molded plastic with slit up the back) and get a lot of wear with other outfits too. Vest is separate from the dress. Only quibble with the outfit is that when packaged, the headband is sewn to the dress and it was quite fiddly cutting the stitches free without cutting either the headband or the dress. Giving the outfit an A- for that.

Microphone, on the other hand, fits VERY nicely in Beau's hands and stays put though multiple poses.  Microphone grade A+.

Leo: Mom, I am taking this stupid headband off now. It pinches my head and looks STUPID.

Leonie: Ah, better. NOW I can really focus on rocking out with my sister.

(like I said, guitar strap is not quite long enough for proper posing of guitar)

"We will, we will ROCK YOU"

Overall, the girls have a blast rocking out with this set and I give it an A-. 

Happy Belated Ostara/Easter

Beau here (about that: I decided that after 6 years of being the 4th Isabelle in dance class to change my name to Ysabeau. Mom supports this as Ladyhawke is one of her favourite movies too). It took Leo and me awhile to figure out how to get the pictures off of Mom's camera and uploaded.

Mom and dad set up an egg hunt for us complete with new dresses!!

Leo does not always like having her photo taken and was getting impatient with the egg hunt. Mom says the photo thing is a tween thing and I will understand when I am that old.

Here we are with our loot!

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Camping set review

Camping set by My Life As.  The set is really cute, overall. Tent assembles easily and a child might require a bit of help setting it up (depending on the level of camping experience of said child).  Said tent assembles like a standard dome tent - slide the 2 lengths of pole through the tunnels. Since it's made of pink gauzy fabric, kind of hard to take pictures of the girls inside but they are enjoying it!  The tent also holds 2 of these folding slumber lounge/chairs in the folded up chair position.

Beau: "Mom, put the camera away. Leo and I are trying to do our homework!"
Leo: "Yea! We are just about done our keyboarding drills."
Me: "Looks like you are having too much fun in there..."
Beau: "That's because we are so happy you got us this awesome tent to play in!"

Whole set pictured (with Tutu for scale - glasses on the cooler were not included with the set, neither is the small orange box the lantern is resting on)

Chair is cute but does not fold up. At all. Also dolls seem to sit somewhat precariously in it. 

Fireplace is kind of meh. I have plans to make this look better (plan on adding some more 'flames' out of coloured plastic or similar). Looks very obviously like glops of plastic.

Cooler is adorable and opens. I love that the lid has spots in it to hold glasses (just like a real cooler!)

Lantern is adorable and does light up - as long as the button is being pushed and held down (I can see this being a problem for photoshoots).

Overall grade: B. I deducted points for the non-folding "folding" chair, the lantern that requires fiddling to have it light up (and stay lit up) and the crappy fake-looking fire.

I will probably at some point replace the folding chair and make a second one so that both the girls can sit at the same time. Still, it is cute and I'm not sorry I got it with some of my birthday money.