Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Happy Belated Ostara/Easter

Beau here (about that: I decided that after 6 years of being the 4th Isabelle in dance class to change my name to Ysabeau. Mom supports this as Ladyhawke is one of her favourite movies too). It took Leo and me awhile to figure out how to get the pictures off of Mom's camera and uploaded.

Mom and dad set up an egg hunt for us complete with new dresses!!

Leo does not always like having her photo taken and was getting impatient with the egg hunt. Mom says the photo thing is a tween thing and I will understand when I am that old.

Here we are with our loot!


  1. Looks like a great day! I don't blame you for changing your name either, way too many girls named Isabelle these days, it gets confusing.

  2. Hi Ysabeau! I love your name and it looks like you had a fun egg hunt!