Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Review of Popstar Playset by My Life As

Leonie is (grudgingly) wearing the headband that came with the set and called first dibs on the guitar; otherwise the rest of her outfit is Maplelea. Beau is wearing the outfit (and boots) that came with the set and wielding the microphone.

Guitar review: A-. Guitar plays sound when button is pushed. ONLY quibble I have with the guitar is that the strap is not long enough to pose it properly with the dolls. Should be easy enough to swap it out for a longer ribbon (or a shoelace) for more realistic posing.

Outfit review: Cute, fits very nicely on Beau without being too tight in the torso (unlike some other My Life As outfits). Boots are very very cute (molded plastic with slit up the back) and get a lot of wear with other outfits too. Vest is separate from the dress. Only quibble with the outfit is that when packaged, the headband is sewn to the dress and it was quite fiddly cutting the stitches free without cutting either the headband or the dress. Giving the outfit an A- for that.

Microphone, on the other hand, fits VERY nicely in Beau's hands and stays put though multiple poses.  Microphone grade A+.

Leo: Mom, I am taking this stupid headband off now. It pinches my head and looks STUPID.

Leonie: Ah, better. NOW I can really focus on rocking out with my sister.

(like I said, guitar strap is not quite long enough for proper posing of guitar)

"We will, we will ROCK YOU"

Overall, the girls have a blast rocking out with this set and I give it an A-. 


  1. Cute set! I definitely think My Life As accessories are a good value. I just wish they'd have a bit more consistency in their clothes. One of my favorite things with some of their items is how they make them so the dolls can actually hold them, I have a tennis racket that is done in a similar manner to the microphone, I can't believe other companies aren't doing this already!

    1. Ooh tennis rackets!! If I ever see them at wallyworld, I will get a pair of them! The big draw of this set for me was the guitar since Leonie loves playing the guitar, Maplelea does not make a guitar, AG does not ship guitars to Canada, and Sew Dolling is kind of expensive...whereas, the whole playset featured above cost me about 20 bucks (of birthday money!)

    2. FYI-the tennis racket came with a tennis outfit, so be sure to check the clothing. It's a cute set, even includes a tennis ball!